How To Become An Authority In Any Niche

The 4-Step Method

If you get, give. If you learn, teach.

Do you worry about not being as successful as others in your niche?

Or are you simply terrified of starting that business because you feel no one would take you seriously?

You might have tried all you know and what has worked for others but it seems like none of it works for you?

Be it a newbie or a frustrated old-timer, the one thing you are missing is AUTHORITY.

What is ‘authority’?

Have you noticed how you constantly prefer that one store, that one restaurant, that one gardener? Have you ever wondered why? These people have convinced you that they are experts in their field and you stuck with them because they have authority.

Authority here means expertise and trust. It means being able to attract your customers, get their attention and keep that attention. For customers to be able to give you their money, they must trust you to know that they would get value for it.

Authority is what distinguishes one successful business from another not quite successful business. So many businesses exist within a specific niche but this doesn’t matter when it comes to authority which is the reason for their success. So, be it online business, a simple shop or services you render personally, authority remains the master key.

The question you are probably asking now is, how on earth do I become an authority?

Stop learning

The first thing you need to do is to stop learning. What most newbies and also old-timers do to solve this problem (not being an authority) is that they spend too much time in a continuous learning process.

Being 100% submerged in learning can consequently lead to overwhelming. We live in a time where information is enormous, never-ending and easily available. You can learn to the point of getting completely confused and discouraged.

Learning obviously is never wrong and no knowledge is lost, we know that, but what I mean here is you need to step out of that false comfort zone of still acquiring more knowledge and actually step up and do something with it.

“If you get, give. If you learn, teach.”

After stepping out of the learning pool, the next step is to implement what you just learned. Put this knowledge into practice in your business and then teach it to someone.

Now, what you learn and implement could be something basic, it doesn’t matter how common it is or how simple, just use it for yourself first and then tell someone about it.

You can simply narrate to someone or you could even do a video, a tutorial or write a blog post, just whatever works for you. Constantly do this, devise a process of 30-40% learning and 60-70% teaching. This way you become a figure that people look up to. Educate them and gradually become an authority.

Bear in mind that the more you put yourself in front of people, the higher the probability of holding their attention hence always reiterating your existence hence authority!

So, how can you become an authority when you’re only a newbie in your niche?

Just create a schedule for the learning and teaching process and be consistent. Finally, all you have to do is confidently stay one step ahead of your target market with this 4-step method:

1. Learn

2. Implement / Practice

3. Teach

4. Repeat

Just follow this pattern and if you are persistent it’s guaranteed that you will be THE ‘go-to person’ in your niche.

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