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Best Posting Times On Social Media For Maximum Engagement

There are people, mainly newbie marketers who post on social media randomly. There’s nothing wrong with it when you just start creating your online presence and you’re overloaded with the different tasks.

However, there’s a much better and more effective way and that is to create a social media strategy from the very beginning.

One of the most important elements of this strategy is to determine the best posting times on the different social media platforms. It’s proven and there are also researches about it that if you post at certain times of the day, you can reach more people and have more engagement.

Before we go into details it’s important to know that the main factor in determining the best posting times is our target audience. If you want your posts to be read for example by Spanish people, then, of course, you have to consider the Spanish time zone and the daily routines and habits of the Spanish people.

If your main audience is in the USA then it might be difficult to decide which time zone to use in your schedules, because there are 4 time zones in the country.

According to statistics, most of the people – 80% – living in the U.S. are found in Eastern and Central time zones, so it would make sense to post based on these locations.

So, let’s see the best posting times on the various platforms. The following data are based on CoSchedule’s research. You can read the original article here.

When is the best time to post on Facebook?

Best Days: Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. On Thursdays and Fridays there is 18%, while on Saturdays and Sundays 32% (!) higher engagement than on other days.

Best Times: 9 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm

Notes:  Posting at 1 pm gets you the most shares while posting at 3 pm will get you the most clicks.

Facebook best posting times
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Optimal posting times on Twitter

Best Day:  Wednesday

Best Times: noon, 3 pm, 5 pm and 6 pm

Notes: Wednesday about noon and between 5-6 are the peak moments of an employee’s break times.

Twitter best posting times
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Best Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Best Times: 7-8am, Noon, and 5-6pm

Notes:  Business people are most likely to read LinkedIn in the morning. Also, even though LinkedIn is geared more for the business market, the best time to post is still before or after work.

LinkedIn best posting times
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Best Days: Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

Best Times: 2 pm, 9 pm, and 2 am

Notes:  The very best hours for pinning is Saturday nights between 8-11pm. The worst time is during typical business hours.

Pinterest best posting times
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Best Days: Monday and Thursday

Best Times: 2am, 8-9am, 5pm

Notes:  Avoid posting between 3 pm and 4 pm. Posting a video at 9 pm can get you 34% more interactions.

Instagram best posting times
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Best Day:  Wednesday

Best Time: 9am, 11am, 12-1pm

Google best posting times
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Best days for the various platforms

Sunday: Facebook and Twitter

Tuesday: LinkedIn and Twitter

Wednesday: Google+ and Twitter

Thursday: Instagram and Twitter

Saturday: Pinterest and Twitter

General tips

It’s interesting that each platform has its own ideal days and times for posting, but it’s difficult for a marketer to remember and follow all of this. I hope this summary helps.

The best way is to choose only 1-3 platforms at the beginning. Start using them, learn how they work, check your audience’s behavior on those platforms and test the engagement.

The best strategy is to show up every day on the selected platforms, be consistent and use the best times for posting based on CoSchedule’s article.

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