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High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing - All You Need To Know

Typically when someone starts searching the Internet for ways to make money online, sooner or later they are introduced to affiliate marketing. Normally first they meet the traditional affiliate marketing programs, but you have to know that there is another type of affiliate marketing called high-ticket affiliate marketing.

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Low-ticket affiliate marketing

With low-ticket (traditional) affiliate marketing, you can get commissions like $10, $20, sometimes even $50 or $100, but that’s not the average. 

Let’s say I promote Elementor Pro (which I actually do because I just love it. Maybe I will write a whole post about it, the best tool I have for my WordPress site. It’s a page builder… if you didn’t know :).

Elementor offers 50% commission, which is a very good one in the industry. They have 3 plans for $49, $99 and $199. It means the highest commission I can get is $99.

Nice, but we all know that this won’t make me rich. Why? Because, first of all, it’s a quite limited and specialized market. The $199 product is for those who want to use Elementor Pro on multiple websites. Competition is also strong.

To get really good results I would definitely have to send paid targeted traffic to the offer or have an established blog with huge traffic in the specific niche (in this case in WordPress, page builders, WordPress themes).

Let’s say I get 5 customers for each plan, it’s 15 sales, I think it’s not bad in one month: $120 + $245 + $495 = $860. It’s not bad for a side income.

Probably you could do even more if you really focus on the promotion of this product.

The problem with traditional affiliate marketing

The problem is that it’s not a residual income and there is no back-end sale either. It means I get the commission only for the first sale. So, if someone buys the basic plan for one website, but then he decides to upgrade, I will not get anything from that… which is too bad, right?

Well, it’s not against Elementor, it’s just to illustrate how traditional affiliate marketing works. (Elementor is fantastic and I’m happy to promote them. They have updates with new functionalities almost every week. It’s really great. Sorry, I stop it.)

Ok, now back to traditional affiliate marketing. The point is that because these companies sell low-priced products (under few hundred bucks) also the commissions are low. To generate a reasonable income you have to sell a lot. Most marketers (affiliates) promote several items of multiple companies to make decent money with traditional affiliate marketing.

We still use them and we love them knowing that we have to search financial freedom somewhere else.

Fortunately, there are other programs that work differently. These programs use High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing

High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing (or HTAM) is a type of affiliate marketing where mainly high quality, high-valued products are being sold. For example, digital products (courses, ebooks) or coaching, consulting, live events that provide high value to the customer.

It means that these affiliate programs can provide much higher commissions to their affiliates who promote these products (the commissions start from $1,000 up to $9,000 or more).

So the point of HTAM is that these companies focus on selling high-value, high-priced products and like this they can pay much larger commissions. There are companies who pay out so big commissions that the affiliate who brings the customer can generate a full-time income only by promoting their products.

The importance of back-end sale

Most companies who offer affiliate programs pay you only a one-time commission. It’s when you send a customer and the customer buys a product from the company. You get your commission after the first sale and your career ends here.

From this point, the company takes care of the customer. They do the follow-up, they make new offers to that customer for more expensive products and they keep the whole profit. As you can imagine, this is where the big money is!

The company can make a lot of money from a returning customer if they have the right follow-up process. But you won’t get a single penny from this, only from the very first sale.

The good news is that there is a high-ticket affiliate program where the customer is tied to you forever. If someone buys a product with your affililate link and later buys other products from the company, you will get your commissions after these sales, too. And you don’t have to do anything for that.

So, either the company or you do the follow-up with this customer, you will be paid each time he decides to buy something.

Most important features of a good HTAM program

  • high quality, popular info products are being sold
  • provides coaching, training for beginners
  • high-ticket commissions
  • pays commissions on backend offers
  • responsive support team
  • provides the affiliates with all kinds of promotional materials
  • supporting community
  • possibility for development 

Which type of affiliate marketing should you use when you're just starting your online business?

So far I was trying to give you some overview about low-ticket or traditional affiliate marketing and also about high-ticket affiliate marketing. I hope that by now you have a basic understanding of both systems. 

If you are thinking now which one should you try or start up with, let me ask you a question:

If your goal was to make $10,000 each month, would you rather do it by selling 1,000 products each month which paid out a $10 commission each, or, would you rather sell 10 products that paid you a $1,000 commission each? Both will get you to $10,000 each month. But one is much easier than the other.

If you want to learn more about High Ticket Affiliate Marketing watch this free video.

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