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Why people fail online and why they succeed

Why people fail online

People fail online because…

…they are listening to the wrong people.

…they don’t take an online business seriously.

…they focus on the wrong things, they spend time on the wrong activities.

…they keep learning but they don’t implement what they learn.

…they think that an online business is easy and after their first failure they say it’s not working and they give up.

…they don’t have the courage to take the first step.

…they try to learn too many things at the same time and they try to learn them by themselves.

Why people succeed online

People succeed online because…

…they have the right mindset – they know that they are responsible for their own actions. They don’t blame other people for their results.

…they are willing to try, fail and try again.

…they treat their online business as a real business. And a real business requires energy, time, commitment and capital.

…they focus on the right things that lead directly to sales. If they had a sale they find out how they can repeat the process again and again.

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why people fail online
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